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Let Us Manage Your Entire Sign Project

Diverse Services in Lake Forest, California, designs and installs illuminated and non-illuminated signs. In addition, we offer various related services, including project management, maintenance, and survey and permit services. We have successfully done roll outs of one sign to as many as 500 signs.

Project Management

Our project management skills include handling the entire sign installation process. Whether it's installation at one location or multiple sites, we can handle the job. Cost is determined by the size and scope of the project.

Surveys and Sign Permit Services

Our services include going on-site to your project location and surveying the entire area, including buildings, existing, signs, and lot size. Then, we come up with a design package for the number of signs you need. The next step is we apply for and obtain permits through the proper municipal authorities. Rates vary depending on the location of the site, whether it's multiple locations, and other factors.

Construction Signs

Service and Maintenance

We service and maintain signs that we manufacture as well as those made by others. Maintenance services include lighting or illumination issues, face replacement, and other problems. Price depends on what work needs to be done.

Illuminated and Non-Illuminated Signs

Our work includes designing and creating custom illuminated and non-illuminated signs of all sizes. Call us and tell us what you want. After contemplating the scope of the project, we will come back with an estimate for our service package.